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Multi Magnetics Incorporated (MMI) is a spin-off company of the Lawson Health Research Institute. Interacting with the internationally known Maternal and Newborn health and Imaging groups at the LHRI we are developing a unique 3T MR platform for Neonatal neuro imaging. We will be developing the specialized support equipment, software and protocols necessary for this patient population. [Representative Images]

Working in the area of stroke rehabilitation imaging we will be developing motion correction (or compensation) MR techniques along with new software analysis tools to quickly and reliably process the wealth of information provided by fMRI and MRS.

Working with another LHRI spin-off company - Thames Valley Veterinarian Services - we have devised custom MR sequences and equipment for the Imaging of animals.

Canine MRI Scan   Canine MRI Scan

Canine MRI Scans

We have been working with a number of private sector customers with requests for customized imaging sequences and protocols.

Wrist MRI Scan

Wrist MRI Scan