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3T MR Images
Representative Data collected from the IMRIS 3T MR system [This work has been partially sponsored by MMI, LHRI, ORDCF, CFI, NSERC and OIT]

CSI: multislice (2 images), inversion recovery spin-echo with CHESS water suppression; TI/TR/TE = 240/1800/135ms, nominal voxel size 8 mm in-plane, 10 mm slice-thickness.

GESFIDE T2-map (last echo from this data-set), TR/TE = 2500/100 ms; nominal voxel size 0.86x1.14 mm in-plane, slice thickness 4.5 mm.

MP-RAGE: TI/TR/TE = 1280/11/5 ms, inter-segment TR=3.35 s. Nominal resolution 1.2 mm isotropic.

Diffusion Weighed Images Segmented Spin Echo EPI w/ velocity compensation difffusion gradients. 24 year old male subject.

Matrix: 128x128, FOV: 240mm x 240mm, Read Bandwidth : 100 kHz TE: 125ms, TR: 4R-R cycles (Cardiac Gating), b : ~ 600 s/mm2 diffusion direction: z-direction (in/out of the image)

Image on left is without Navigator echo correction for motion whilst the one on the right is corrected for motion.